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It’s all about the sound. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships created from crafting a truly one of a kind sound for the individual drummer. And every drummer is unique. Our clients listed can be found anywhere from a smoky jazz gig at New York’s Blue Note Café, or in the precise environment of pop recording at Ocean Way Studios, to a sweaty hard rock rehearsal in a non-descript North Hollywood rehearsal room, or an arena performance in front of 100,000 screaming fans in Rio De Janeiro.

One thing our clients all have in common – they do not listen with their eyes. As a small company based in Australia we do not give free product away for the privilege of high-profile player association. Instead, drummers who are endorsed by other companies purchase Brady Drums - why? Because it’s all about the sound.


Client since 2004


12" x 7" Jarrah Ply / Red Silky Oak


"This is Keith Harris of the Black Eyed Peas, and I love my Brady snare. It gives me the warmth and and depth I like, and also the "crack" I need to cut through. From the wood used to the stylish snare throw off, Brady gives me everything I need to stay on top of my game!"

ltr: Chuck Prada (percussionist Black Eyed Peas), Keith Harris

Keith's 12" Brady snare tracking the Earth Wind & Fire album "Illumination".