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Brady BARITONE Block Shell Snare Drums

BRADY is proud to introduce our new “Baritone” block shell snare drums, created for drummers who love the unique characteristics of BRADY’s famed block shell snare drums, but who prefer deeper snare tones. Many of our remarkable Australian hardwoods provide enormous cut and a brighter, woody tone due to their extreme density. By using this intelligent “Baritone” construction method, the shell behaves as is it’s only as thin as the carved section in the exterior of the shell, which in turn considerably drops the pitch of the shell.


BRADY Baritone Block Shell snare drums made their official debut at NAMM 2014, and are available now from any official Brady retailer.


Read Modern Drummer’s review of the new BRADY Baritone Block Shell snare drums here: bradydrums.com.au/uploads/media/MDBaritoneReview-May2014.pdf


Listen to Modern Drummer's video demos here:

BRADY 13 x 7 "Baritone Jarrah / Lemon Scented Gum demo: youtu.be/PoYT5043lqA

BRADY 14 x 8 "Baritone" Lemon Scented Gum demo: youtu.be/xtMn6X-frXY

Shannon Forrest's TOTO Tour kit!

This Shannon Forrest's new BRADY hand-lacquered Red Sparkle Jarrah ply drum kit, taken from TOTO's rehearsal! (Photos don't do this kit justice. More pics soon).


Shannon will be subbing for drummer Keith Carlock in TOTO on their 2014 North American Summer tour dates starting tomorrow, August 2.


Shannon's kit specs for TOTO:


BRADY Jarrah Ply / Red Sparkle lacquer

10" x 8" rack tom

12" x 8" rack tom

14" x 10" rack tom

16" x 16" floor tom

18" x 16" floor tom

22" x 18" bass drum

14" x 6.5" Marri Ply / Fiddleback Marri gloss snare (main)

14" x 6.5" Jarrah Block / Natural satin snare (secondary)

10" x 5.5" Jarrah Ply / Natural gloss snare (effects)




Brady Drum Company is delighted to announce that session ace, Shannon Forrest, will be subbing for Keith Carlock in TOTO on their North American tour dates starting August 2nd, 2014.


We couldn't think of a more perfect fit!


For TOTO's US tour dates, please visit www.totoofficial.com/events.


In addition to tracking a handful of new albums for various artists this year, Shannon was recently seen with Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald in their Dukes Of September Rhythm Revue, recorded live at Lincoln Center. Check out Shannon laying it down on his BRADY Marri ply drumkit (with the world's only 13" BRADY rack tom) on Steely Dan's "Kid Charlemagne":


BRADY @ NAMM 2014 - Hall D # 3579

It is with great pleasure to announce that Brady Drums will be returning to the NAMM Show this January! Our booth (# 3579 in Hall D) will be filled with the finest handcrafted snare drums and drum kits from “down under” that have made Brady the premier choice for high-profile drummers and discerning drum shops for the past 33 years.


Here are some highlights you can look forward to:

- The highly anticipated BRADY Baritone Block Snare Drums will be making their official debut. Brady's famed block snare drum sound has been combined with this unique shell design to bring a lower fundamental note to our high density Australian timbers.

- Always in demand, the Chris Brady Walkabout Series will be introducing new species never seen before in the drum industry. For the Walkabout Series, Chris travels deep into the remote deserts and forests of Australia to hand select small volumes of rare, indigenous timber species which are then handcrafted into limited editions, rarities and one-of-a-kind drums. We recently uploaded a video of the Walkabout Series featuring Chris and in-demand Nashville session drummer Shannon Forrest. Watch it here: youtu.be/jdBHtUN5gAE.

- We will also be introducing a Limited Edition exotic finish drum kit in our signature Marri ply shells. Only 4 drum kits will be available worldwide.

- Lemon Scented Gum (Eucalyptus citriodora) officially joins the Brady block drum timber range as a permanent option.

- For 2014, we will also be introducing some exclusive, limited edition face veneers for our signature ply shell snare drums.


We invite you to learn more about the new Brady instruments for 2014 and the small, fiercely independent company that creates them. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes NAMM info!

Brady Drums exhibiting at 2012 London Drum Show, UK

We're flying over to London to introduce some extraordinary Australian drums at the 2012 London Drum Show!


In conjunction with our friends at London Drum Company, the Brady Drums booth (booth # B5) will displaying a Fiddleback Marri gloss drum kit, a handful of snare drums including our famed Jarrah Block models, a sneak peak at some of the new releases in the Walkabout Series, and one of CB's very special "Baritone Series" prototypes.


Come down to the Olympia Conference Centre on October 13 & 14 to talk all things drums with Brady Drum Company's own Kelly Brady. And if you've never played a Brady kit before, here's your chance! This one's a real stunner!


See you there!

Chris Dave rocks a unique Brady kit @ BET Awards w/ D'Angelo

Watch Jazz/R&B phenom Chris "Daddy" Dave tear it up with D'Angelo on the 2012 BET Awards. Chris was playing a very unique BRADY kit, consisting of 5 different Brady snares, a 16" Spotted Gum floor tom, and a prototype 20" Jarrah "Baritone Series" bass drum.


Check it out here:

New 2012 Walkabout Series releases are here!

Brady Drums are proud to announce our latest introductions in this highly anticipated collection:



Only two snare drums available worldwide. Both are now available at Fork's Drum Closet (USA) and Memphis Drum Shop (USA). View footage and sound samples of the Karijini finish over our acclaimed Jarrah Ply snare drum shell here: www.youtube.com/watch



Only ten snare drums available worldwide. The first four drums are now available at 268 Music (Taiwan), Drum Center of Portsmouth (USA), Fork's Drum Closet (USA) and Memphis Shop (USA). View footage and sound samples of the Australian Cedar Wattle snare drum here: www.youtube.com/watch


BROWN MALLET (Eucalyptus Astringens) PLY SNARE DRUMS

Only two snare drums available worldwide. Both are now available at at Fork's Drum Closet (USA) and Drumtech Center (Thailand).


Brady Drums will be introducing our second releases for 2012 into the Walkabout Series this June. In the meantime, you can view all of the extraordinary limited editions that we have featured in the Walkabout Series since its debut in 2011 here:



Nashville Session great Shannon Forrest becomes our first exclusive Brady artist!

Primarily a studio drummer with an impressive list of credits including Boz Scaggs, Tim McGraw, Michael McDonald, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Faith Hill and a veritable who's who in the Nashville scene, Shannon Forrest joins Brady's client list of more than 400 internationally-known drummers who have purchased one or more Brady drums for their personal collections. Though in a somewhat unusual twist in the drum industry, he has chosen to forgo the perks of a traditional endorsement with other manufacturers in order to exclusively play what he truly loves.


"Having the opportunity to collaborate with Brady Drums, whom I consider true innovators in drum design and sound, is both inspiring and humbling" Forrest says. "They're always moving forward. Last year I had reached a point where I felt like everything available to me was either a reproduction, or a refinement of a drum that I had already played or owned. I wasn't looking for a new "deal", I wanted a sound that would define who I am as a player, a signature sound. Brady drums take my concept of sound to a new level."


"When we were discussing what my first kit would be, I had something in mind, but I left the final decision with Chris (Brady, master drum craftsman). That's how much I trust his ears. These drums have more tone, more articulation, and are more balanced than anything I've ever played. When my kit arrived, it truly exceeded my expectations. I've also recently tested some new designs being developed that are going to change the drum scene all over again. If you think you've heard Brady drums, you've only scratched the surface."


Forrest debuted his new Brady drum kit on the recent Faith Hill / Tim McGraw Australian tour, and will perform across the US this Summer with Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs and Donald Fagen's "Dukes of September" tour.


Shannon's new BRADY drum kit specs are as follows:


BRADY Marri (Eucalyptus Calophylla) Ply / Fiddleback Marri gloss finish

* 8 x 8 rack tom

* 10 x 8 rack tom

* 12 x 8 rack tom

* 13 x 9 rack tom

* 14 x 14 floor tom

* 16 x 16 floor tom

* 18 x 16 floor tom

* 22 x 18 bass drum

* 24 x 16 bass drum


On Saturday January 21, Shannon joined us at NAMM to make the announcement as our very first exclusive Brady artist in front of the international media. Footage can be viewed below.


Brady Press Conference Video.

On January 11, Shannon made his debut as an exclusive Brady artist while backing Faith Hill at the Peoples Choice Awards. Here he is playing our loaner Spotted Gum drum kit. This has been his primary Brady kit while his Marri Ply / Fiddleback Marri gloss drum kit was being completed for the Faith Hill / Tim McGraw Australian Tour. Video from the Peoples Choice Awards can be viewed here:

Happy Holidays from Brady Drums

Here’s to a great year of drums! Thank you to everyone who stops by to check out the official Brady Facebook page, the website or drops us a quick email - we know how challenging it can be to fit more things into an already busy day. We really appreciate all of the support, feedback and encouragement from you as we endeavour to step outside of the box to bring new sounds to drummers. You are such a fantastic group of people from all over the world who inspire us to create and innovate every day!


A heartfelt thank you also goes out to every one of our phenomenal Brady retailers in our worldwide dealer network who stock our snare drums and drum kits for you to experience in person. It hasn't been an easy year for many stores so if you have an independent drum store near you, we implore you to support them. Be it for as little as a pair of sticks or a new snare head.... every little bit helps keep a vital part of our drumming community alive.


For Brady Drum Company it has been a solid year and next year is already shaping up to even better. We are settled into our brand new workshop and are knee-deep in projects we can't wait to bring you in the New Year! We kick off 2012 with new drums to introduce that have even floored us, and one very special announcement on January 21 at the NAMM Show that will raise a few eyebrows :)


From our small family business in south-west Western Australia, we wish you and yours a joyous Holiday season. Have a good one, drive safe, play with passion and make sure what ever you do it is fun and you share it with someone you love!


All the very best from Brady Drums.

A great time at Nashville Drummers Day!

Nashville Drummers Day, sponsored by Brady Drums & Paiste Cymbals, was held on October 11 at Fork's Drum Closet.


With over 30 snare drums spread throughout the store and a Jarrah Ply / Turtleback gloss drumkit (that was snapped up immediately) to try out, and a wall of cymbal goodness from Paiste, this was the place to be! And boy, did they come! A steady rotation of drummers rocked up throughout the day to check out all the offerings by both Brady & Paiste, and there was a solid crowd of the industry's finest session cats for the evening presentation.


Brady's Kelly Brady shared a little on the Company's motivations and philosophies for crafting drums. And she also brought along two prototypes from their upcoming "Baritone" Series, a 10" Jarrah Ply "Baritone" rack tom and a 14" x 6.5" Spotted Gum "Baritone" snare drum. Some awesome footage of the Brady Baritone prototypes can be seen at the 10:30 minute mark of this video (link below).


Many thanks to all the drummers and media who made the evening a great success!


Footage from the evening can be seen at Bart Elliott's Drummer Café through Drummer Café TV. View it here: www.drummercafe.com/music-industry/featured-articles/nashville-brady-drum-day-hosted-by-forks-drum-closet.html


Behind the scenes with Brady Drums at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show!

Video straight from the show floor at this link.


Kelly Brady gives an overview of the Brady booth at this link.

Our Aussie manager, Ric Shinnick discusses some of the new Brady products on display at this link.

New drums arriving daily!

Keep up to date with all the latest breaking news at the Brady Drums Facebook page. In addition to new product releases, events and other news, you can also catch all of the latest snare drum & drum kit arrivals into your favorite drum stores worldwide; including new stock, special orders and limited editions. Sign up at www.facebook.com/bradydrums

Chris Brady Walkabout Private Selection has debuted!


Kicking off 2011, we are proud to announce the very first introductions into the Chris Brady Walkabout Private Selection:


* Goldfields Gimlet (Eucalyptus Salubris) Block Snare Drums

* Sugar Gum (Eucalyptus Cladocalyx) Block Snare Drum

* Wandoo (Eucalyptus Wandoo) Ply Snare Drum

* Spotted Gum (Eucalyptus Maculata) Block Snare Drum


Visit www.bradydrums.com.au/walkabout.html to view the latest limited editions, rarities and one-of-a-kinds in this very special range.



To celebrate 30 years of drum innovations, Australia's Brady Drums has introduced their limited edition 30th Anniversary Snare Drum. This special instrument is handcrafted in Brady's famed block shell style construction from Australian Myrtle (Nothofagus Cunninghamii), a very dense eastern Australian timber species with an interlocked grain which can grow up to 55 meters (180 feet high).


Each 30th Anniversary snare drum is offered solely in a 14 x 6.5 size and is adorned with a custom mother-of-pearl Brady badge. Only 30 drums are available worldwide and each shell is autographed inside by founder and master drum craftsman Chris Brady and serial-numbered with each year Brady has been making drums (i.e. "`1981", "1982", "1983", etc.).


To reserve one of the 30 snare drums, please contact your local Brady retailer.


Brady Drum Company recently received high praise from Modern Drummer Magazine as they put our new Spotted Gum ply drum kits, along with our Wandoo Block and Kosaka Block snare drums to the test in their March 2010 issue.


Read the review here:



All the news from the Brady booth at the 2010 NAMM Show coming shortly!


Debuting a new sound for 2009, Australia's Brady Drums introduced the Spotted Gum range of ply shell snare drums and drum kits.


Chris Brady has developed a different sound than any of the company's "traditional" timbers offer, providing a unique mix of warmth, attack, depth and projection. The new range is handcrafted from extremely thin shells of Spotted Gum, a very dense Eucalypt timber species (Eucalyptus Maculata) with an interlocked grain which can grow up to 70 metres / 230 feet high. The Spotted Gum range still retains Brady's refined musicality, but comes with unprecedented projection in a wood shell, while carrying a solid, low tone.


All Spotted Gum snare drums, tom toms and bass drums are available only in their natural timber finish and are adorned with a special handcrafted inlaid parquetry Brady badge consisting of 31 individual pieces carved from 17 different species of timber.



Brady Drums were recently featured in Music Inc. Magazine's "Going Boutique" article. This article speaks highly of the success that some of our established dealers such as Fork's Drum Closet, Bentley's Drum Shop and Resurrection Drums have had by carrying a unique product like Brady Drums to enhance their business and increase their sales in these challenging economic times.


Read the article here:



That great Brady sound is again being heard all over the world on the #1 most downloaded country song in history: Taylor Swift's "Love Story". Our 14 x 6.5 Jarrah Block snare drum was the backbeat of choice for Nashville session drummer Nick Buda.


Take another listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xg3vE8Ie_E&ob=av3e




On July 28, New York drummers are invited to attend a special event to introduce Brady's new Spotted Gum ply snare drums & drum kits to the public. Chris Brady's latest innovation uses extremely thin non-reinforced shells of Spotted Gum to provide a unique mix of attack, depth, warmth and projection. These new drums wowed the industry crowd at the NAMM Show and now it's your turn to get up close and personal. Attendees can sit behind the kit and sample these unique sounds, as well as a taste of the Australian way of life. Key Brady personnel from Australia & the US will be flying in to the NYC event.


There's no better place to bring such big drum sounds than to the Big Apple!



DATE: Tuesday, July 28 2009


TIME: 6pm - 9pm


LOCATION: SIR - 520 W. 25th Street, New York NY 10001 (Studio 2)



Aussie refreshments provided. See you there!


LONDON CALLING - 5th July 2009

An exclusive Brady get-together is being held in London this Sunday, July 5th by the lovely lads at London Drum Company.


A small handful of 2009 model Brady goodies (including the new Spotted Gum model) have just arrived in London so the London Drum Company team are hosting a party for professional drummers to get hands-on experience with the snare drums and put them through their paces. Brady founder and master craftsman Chris Brady will also be dialled in from Australia to field queries and chat up a storm with attendees. And yes, these beauties are available to good homes on a first-come, first-served basis! ;)


The event is by invite only (though you are welcome to bring your fellow drummer friends) and runs from 12 noon to 4pm. Please email info@londondrumcompany.com to request an invitation or call +44-208-662-9119.



Sunday, 5 July 2009



12:00pm to 4:00pm



London Drum Company



Kings Of Leon and Brady step up for Bushfire Relief Auction

Brady Drum Company and Kings of Leon have joined together to auction a special drum for the Australian Bushfire Relief Appeal.


In February, Australia suffered its worst national disaster in over 100 years at the hands of the Victorian bushfires. The fires ripped through local communities in Victoria obliterating everything in its path. Unfortunately, 210 people have died, over 2,000 families lost their homes and over 1 million acres of land have been destroyed.


To assist with the relief efforts, Brady Drum Company has donated a new 2009 release snare drum handcrafted from Wandoo (Eucalyptus Wandoo) for auction. In addition to headlining "Sound Relief", a charity concert to raise funds for the relief effort, the members of Kings Of Leon have thrown their support behind the appeal and have lent their signatures to this drum. The band's drummer, Nathan Followill, has performed live since 2006 with a Brady snare drum.


100% of the proceeds will split equally between the Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army and the RSPCA who provide financial, emotional and medical support to the families, pets and livestock devastated by this tragedy.


Bidding can be made on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290314130449

The auction is now online and will close May 10, 2009.
Brady Drum Company will include free shipping worldwide to the highest bidder.


Snare Drum Specifications:

* Handcrafted by Australian master craftsman, Chris Brady

* Wandoo (Eucalyptus Wandoo) timber, a native Western Australian hardwood

* 14 inch diameter x 8 inch depth

* 10 chromed tube lugs

* R-Class snare strainer

* German tempered snare wires

* Canopus Bolt Tight detensioning washers


Individuals are invited to make donations to The Salvation Army's Bushfire Relief Appeal, The Australian Red Cross' Bushfire Appeal, and the RSPCA.



It was difficult to miss Brady’s nature-inspired booth at the 2009 NAMM convention this past January in Anaheim, California. To celebrate our return to the show, the unique Australiana display only further enhanced our stunning and innovative new products. And best of all, Chris Brady – our creative chief and company founder – was on hand to introduce our finest newest instruments.


You can view Alex Alexandrov’s behind-the-scenes video footage at the Brady booth here:



The NAMM Show was very rewarding for Brady, as dealers showed their commitment to the company's unique instruments by placing orders that far-exceeded our expectations. All of our display items, including our 2009 introductions, were snapped up by noon on Day 1 and many special orders followed! There was also a steady stream of artists who all wanted to play the drums, talk about how great they recorded and meet Chris.


We are pleased to bring you Brady’s NAMM Show highlights for 2009.


Taking pride at the very center of our 2009 NAMM booth was our new Kosaka Block Snare Drum. Shown in a 14 x 5.5 model, these special drums were created to honour the memory of Tat Kosaka, longtime president of Pro-Mark Japan and a special friend of Chris Brady. They are made of condensed bamboo, which offers a much higher note than our traditional Australian timbers, allowing for a powerful, yet sensitive sound. The Kosaka model snare drums are very loud and cutting, without being too abrasive, and are available in 14” x 4.5”, 14” x 5.5” and 14” x 6.5” configurations.


Kosaka model #001 (14 x 5.5) is now available at Rupps Drums in Denver, Colorado. And Memphis Drum Shop in Memphis, Tennessee has #004 in stock (14 x 6.5). Video of the product demo can be viewed here.


Because it’s all about the sound, hearing is believing with our new Spotted Gum ply shell snare drums and drum kits. The concept for this new range was to introduce a totally different sound and a considerably lower note (roughly 1/3 of an octave lower than Jarrah) than any of our “traditional” timbers have provided. Spotted Gum is a very strong Eucalypt timber species with an interlocked grain. The new Spotted Gum drum kits have extremely thin non-reinforced shells to provide a unique mix of attack, depth, warmth and projection and come with handcrafted inlaid parquetry badges.


Spotted Gum drumkit #001 is proudly displayed at The Drum Shop in Portland, Maine and is available now.


Other Spotted Gum drumkits will be arriving at DrumCenter Koln (Germany), Bentley's Drum Shop (Fresno, USA) and NAAS Drum Centre (Co. Kildare, Ireland) in the coming months. Video of the Spotted Gum snare drum product demo can be viewed here.


Stopping crowds in their tracks was the gorgeous new Halls Creek finish Jarrah Ply drum kit. The highly figured veneer is one of our new options for our ply shell snare drums and drum kits for 2009, and is available in natural satin or polished high gloss luster. On display at the NAMM Show was a Jarrah Ply drumkit in a Halls Creek gloss finish in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” & 22” sizes.


You can demo this 5-piece beauty in person at Just Drums in Toronto, Canada. Hear Memphis Drum Shop's 4-piece product demo here.


Another highlight at the Brady booth was our Marri Ply drumkit finished in our new Fiddleback Marri veneer, which was shown in Bonham-esque sizes (14” rack tom, 18” floor tom, 24” bass drum). We obtained some special Marri veneer with a beautiful fiddleback pattern running through it, so we have released this as a new ply shell finish for 2009, while supplies last.


Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville, Tennessee is wowing their customers with our Fiddleback Marri NAMM display drum kit.


We have reintroduced our noted Wandoo Block snare drums. On display were the 12x7, 14 x 5.5 and 14 x 6.5 models. They headed out after the show to their new temporary homes at Indoor Storm (Raleigh, North Carolina), Memphis Drum Shop (Memphis, Tennessee) and The Drum Shop (Portland, Maine), respectively. Video of the 14 x 6.5 product demo can be viewed here.


Other NAMM show display goodies were snapped up by Chad Sexton's Drum City (North Hollywood, California), Donn Bennett Drum Studio (Bellevue, Washington), The Drum Pad (Palatine, Illinois), The Drum Shop (Portland, Maine), Drum World (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Dynamic Percussion (Manchester, Connecticut), Fork's Drum Closet (Nashville, Tennessee), Hunber & Breese Music (Fraser, Michigan), Indoor Storm (Raleigh, North Carolina), Just Drums (Toronto, Canada), Memphis Drum Shop (Memphis, Tennessee), Resurrection Drums (Hollywood, Florida), Rhythm Traders (Portland, Oregon), Rupp's Drums (Denver, Colorado) and West Coast Drums (Santa Ana, California). Please contact these elite stores for current stock availability.


Congratulations to our 2008 Brady Dealer of the Year - Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville. Be sure to stop by their massive new snare room to test out the latest from Down Under.


See you at NAMM 2010!


THE KOSAKA SNARE DRUM, in honour of our friend

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Tat Kosaka, of Pro-Mark Japan. A long-time supporter of the Company, and a close personal friend of the Brady family, Tat was instrumental in fostering Chris Brady's introduction to the drum industry in the early 80's. To honour his memory, we have created the Kosaka snare drum - a powerful, yet sensitive instrument, which will be released at NAMM 2009.


More details on the Kosaka model specifications will be published in January.


The November issue of MMR Magazine features a 3 page article on Brady's restructuring and resurgence in the marketplace. MMR interviewed Chris Brady, Kelly Brady and Rob Birenbaum about Brady's new dealer programs, personalized approach to marketing for 2009, and Chris' motivation for drum craftsmanship.


September 22 was Brady Day in Nashville, and what a day it was!


Nashville's finest drummers filled Fork's Drum Closet to witness first-hand the 30 snare drums and Jarrah Ply / Wandoo Burl gloss drumkit that arrived from Australia. Brady's Kelly Brady & our new Marketing & Dealer Relations Consultant, Rob Birenbaum, were on-hand to share insights into the company's history and products and to help drummers tailor specific sounds to their set-ups. Company founder Chris Brady also dialed in remotely from Australia to chat with the crowd and catch up with old friends. A unique culinary experience was had by all with an all-Australian menu of Aussie meat pies, home-cooked lamb sangers, caramello koalas, and wattle seed beer!


Many thanks to all the drummers and media who made the evening a great success, and to Gary Forkum @ Fork's Drum Closet for allowing us to monopolize his store with some Australian flavour for the day!


Footage from the evening can be seen at Bart Elliott's Drummer Café through Drummer Café TV. View it here.


Brady Drums is reaching out to avid drum enthusiasts in some of the world’s most remote locations through online social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Wetpaint. To share the passion we have for crafting Brady instruments, we’re inviting all Brady snare drum & drum kit owners to join our friends lists and add your own photos to our Facebook page here.




"BRADY ROUND THE WORLD" - New 2008 Dealers

By 2007, Brady had partnered with 109 local and international retailers around the globe to bring our handcrafted instruments to discerning drummers worldwide. We’re proud to welcome these new dealers that have joined the official Brady worldwide network for 2008:


FRANCE – YETIDRUM Shop – Toulouse - +33-5-61-22-1361

GERMANY – Hieber Lindberg – Munich - +49-89-55-146-132

ITALY – Loveri Strumenti Musicali – Napoli - +39-081-450-279

ITALY – Magazzino Musicale Merula – Roreto di Cherasco - +39-0172-495-591

ITALY – Soundland – Catania (Sicilia) - +39-095-394-531

ITALY – Statatra – Tortiano di Montechiarugdo (Parma) - +39-0521-686-589

ITALY – TopMusic – Milano - +39-02-552-300-23

MALAYSIA – Junction Audio – Kuala Lumpur – +60-12-210-0030

NORWAY – TPDrums – Fjellhamer - +47-93-67-5016

PHILIPPINES – Vinci’s Drum Center / The Drum Shop Manila - Paranaque City - +63-2-409-4096

POLAND – Arcade Audio – Krakow - +48-12-420-6300

SPAIN – Iberdrum – Parla (Madrid) - + 34-91-699-0316

UK – London Drum Company – Croydon, England - +44 -208-662-9119

USA – Backbeats Drum Shop – Salt Lake City, Utah - +1-801-274-8400

USA – Chad Sexton’s Drum City – North Hollywood, California – +1-818-762-6600

USA – Columbus Percussion – Columbus, Ohio – +1-614-885-7372

USA – Drums2Go – Hollywood, Florida - +1-407-306-0611

USA – The Drum Shop – Portland, Maine - +1-207-874-6630


Percussion industry veteran Rob Birenbaum has joined the Brady Drum Company as Marketing and Dealer Relations Consultant. He will work on Brady’s efforts worldwide, but will focus on the company’s North American business.


Rob says “I am excited about working with such a passionate and creative drum maker as Chris Brady and his family to bring these exceptional instruments to drummers and to help the Brady brand become recognized for what it is - the most original boutique drum manufacturer in the world. I look forward to working with my fellow drum brothers and sisters so they can offer these unique drums and distinguish their stores from others.”


Rob is the founder and former owner of Drum Headquarters in St. Louis. He started the two-store operation in 1981 and built it into one of the most-recognized specialty music products retailers, before selling it to long-time employee Jim Uding in 2005. He also started HQ Percussion Products in 1988, which became the industry leader in drum practice devices. The company’s two main products, RealFeel and SoundOff are the most identifiable and desired practice items for drummers worldwide. He sold HQ to D’Addario & Co. in 2004. Rob was the first retail member of the Percussion Marketing Council (known then as International Drum Month) and he is a co-founder and long-time board member of the Five-Star Drum Shops group. He has served as the organization’s manager since he sold Drum Headquarters. In addition to his activity in the drum industry, Rob owns a number of commercial buildings in an area of St. Louis that has undergone a stunning renaissance and he is a partner in El Scorcho, a fun and funky Tex-Mex/barbecue restaurant and bar.


Welcome aboard, Rob!

100% BRADY

It is our pleasure to announce that Brady Drum Company has returned to being a 100% Brady family-owned operation. Master craftsman Chris Brady has returned to the company as chief drum-maker, followed also by his team of talented craftsmen who have been absent from the Company over the past 18 months. In the short time since the re-acquisition, the energized Brady team have revamped production and reinstated strict quality control procedures to ensure that our fellow drummers will once again have access to exquisite handcrafted Australian snare drums and drum kits of unsurpassed quality, sound and craftsmanship. As a result of these developments, former Managing Director Boris Kosse has departed Brady Drum Company to pursue other endeavours. Kelly Brady returns to the Company and will now be responsible for all facets of sales, marketing, advertising, artist-related activities and the global Brady dealer network. Shane Brady will oversee the areas of administration, finance and the overall operation of Brady Drum Company. Ric Shinnick returns to Brady Drum Company as Logistics Manager. His responsibilities include the coordination of production, suppliers, and dispatch.


For nearly 30 years, the Brady reputation has been built from the results of Chris Brady's passion, initiative and knowledge of turning unique Australian hardwoods into percussive gems. A vision that began in one man's garage has become one of the most desired instruments of musicians around the world. That vision is the heritage of the Brady family, and will continue for generations to come. From the depths of the West Australian forests, we are proud to be back bringing discerning drummers some of the most impressive instruments the world has to offer.